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EMZ Derma Lab is an OEM ODM cosmetics, skin and personal care manufacturing company for the creation of unique beauty products.
We are an ISO 22716 certified (Cosmetics GMP) Skin and Personal Care Manufacturer.
Specializing in the formulation of high end, premium market cosmetics, skin and personal care products, private labeling, custom formulations & more since 2002.

  • SPOTS LIGHTENING SERUM is a high performance plant-derived spots lightening serum that promotes bright and uniform skin tone. Intensive anti-spot serum that helps diminish appearance of dark spots.
  • It is formulated with GigaWhite™ botanical complex that can significantly lighten skin tone, reduce colour and size of age spots.  In a 12 weeks study, it was shown to reduce the colour intensity of age spots.
  • The ability of GigaWhite™ to hold back the enzyme Tyrosinase is known to be the main reason behind its skin lightening capabilities.
  • It is because of this enzyme that melanin is produced in uncontrollable quantities in the skin.

  • Many people dream of having their own SKIN CARE brand.
  • We have assisted many in making this dream come true. Let us help you too.
  • Contracted development of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Singapore-made cosmetics, skin & personal care.
  • How about creating a private brand just for your company, one that won’t be copied by others?


Technologies create the future, cosmetics create beauty.

EMZ Derma Lab is an OEM ODM cosmetics, skin and personal care manufacturing company with product development and multi-manufacturing expertise to serve its customers. EMZ Derma Lab aims to be the leader in OEM / ODM for cosmetics, skin and personal care. Due to our investment strategy and exceptional performance, we have acquired trust and developed successful partnerships in Singapore and South East Asia


Researching, purchasing and processing raw materials for production is a critical stage in our OEM ODM process. Astute management during this part of the supply chain is a key concern for our business associates and customers.

Through our extensive and reliable network with renowned raw material suppliers globally, we are able to source the best raw materials and undertake every project with sustainable and profitable returns for our clients.


EMZ Derma Lab realize the importance of innovation in the beauty and skin care industry. For instance, we understand and apply the skills and attributes required to achieve success in R&D management and process.