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How about creating a Private Label Cosmetics, Private Skin Care Brand just for your company, one that won’t be copied by others?

EMZ Derma Lab provides you with the latest OEM ODM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cosmetics, skin and personal care manufacturing trends essential for the creation of unique beauty products. Our experts in formulation, production and packaging will help your company develop its own original private label and private branded products. You can develop bespoke, private label or off-the-shelf products with the latest innovations.

Private Label Cosmetics (OEM ODM) We understand the competitive challenges our clients face today and support them with:

  • LOW Minimum Order Quantity
  • QUICK Turnaround Time
  • MORE THAN 300 Market-Tested Formulations
  • VARIETY of Imported Quality Packaging
  • ONE-STOP Seamless Solution for Your Business

Formulation expertise

Private Label Cosmetic and Skin Care Laboratory – Our expert development team has the experience and knowledge to turn clients’ ideas into unique formulations. Further to our clients’ requirements, we will advise about the best ingredients combination to develop a stable and unique product formulation.

Packaging expertise

Filling & Packing – We also assist our clients to pack their bulk products into bottles and jars in a clean room environment. Clients can choose to use their own packaging or select from our range of imported quality packaging.

Do you also wish to have your own customized graphics on your packaging? Our in-house graphics design team can help your company develop unique packaging designs to suit your needs. Our packaging team sources an extensive range of packaging types with a strong focus on quality and competitive price. This combination contribute to enhance our client product uniqueness and its differentiation among competitors.

Whether you are just starting your private label cosmetic and skin care line or looking to expand your products collection, we will provide you with a seamless ONE-STOP solution for your business needs.

Contact us to become better acquainted with our range of luxurious formulas in these fabulous, value-priced introductory samplers and professional kits.